Slowery by Ipnoteers and Natalie


An original song in a showgaze style (more or less). My first attempt with [Natalie] and the AI.
Lipsync by D-ID, video in macro mode, singer’s portrait by Playground AI.
My first post here too, be patience :smiling_face:


Quite mesmerising . . . Lovely Song

VERY nicely done :+1:

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I love the song, Impressive video. Natalie’s voice sounds a bit too synthetic for my taste, as if she was using auto-tune, but it fits with the spirit of the song
Great job for this first attempt, can’t wait to see what happens next

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I like it also. Lip-sync could be better, but I know from experience that it’s not easy to do.
Lovely song.

Edit: nevermind, your lip-syncing is not as bad as I thought, the music and video was out of sync.
After a restart of my browser it looked way better!

Lovely song. What kind of Software for the Video is this? Interesting.