Sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine

I just bought Synthesizer V and all English voices. Now, when trying to install it in a virtual Windows Server 2019 (to avoid critical downtime in case of hardware failure / future activation issues from a small company like Dreamtonics), I need it to run in a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual server/computer, so that a professional uptime can still be maintained. doesn’t say anything about not being able in a virtualized computer. Please fix this limitation a.s.a.p?

Dreamtonics does not respond on these forums. You should send your feedback directly via email to [email protected].

Just want to say I used Synthesizer V Studio Pro in an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine (granted, only for a short time for bug reporting, and on a VirtualBox image), and it appeared that it run just fine (except for a vocal mode automation bug that is Linux only). So theoretically you’re able to run SynthV in VM, just make sure that it has internet access for updating/activating stuffs

Maybe because hyper-v is a level 1 VM environement (?).
I guess (didn’t try) it won’t be able to tell the difference on a level2 one (such as KVM).

It is a type 2 VM in HyperV. The sad part is, says nothing about this…

Sorry, i intended the inverse: should have no problem on a type 1.
But VirtualBox is a type 2 (and reprted working on this thread) too, so it’s weird.

I would guess this is an operating system difference. I’ve also used SynthV Studio in a Linux VM using VirtualBox before (though not in a long-term manner, I was just checking if it would work on various distros).

I expect the limitation is specific to Windows VMs.

Has anyone tried the new 1.9.0 in a virtual Ubuntu?