using synthesizerv as a backend making website is possible?

"I want to build a website that allows users to input their own lyrics, and we provide the melody and vocals using Synthesizer V as our backend. Is it possible to achieve? and how does it works?

私的利用の範囲を逸脱している上、synthesizer vの売上を阻害する事が予想されるため、規約違反となるでしょう。

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I suppose in all reality it works by you violating your agreement you entered into upon purchase and results in your loss of all access to the software and voices you purchased without any monetary compensation.

Your actions might even warrant a monetary fine.

This is a forum of like users. If you direct your questions directly to Dreamtonics, etc. I am fairly certain you will get about the same response.

While the software can be used commercially, it’s still licensed for your own personal use. You can sell the result(s) you create, but you cannot sell the use of your personal software and voices to others.

What you have purchased is solely yours to use. Other people on this forum may be able to explain things better than I have, but basically to do what you have suggested is definitely a software usage TOS violation.

I hate to be a spoil sport. Sorry about that.

edit: Selling commercially is limited to the use of AI voices that you have a license for.

It may be possible to purchase the software as a company, but would everbody in the company now have access to the software?

Each person in the company using the software may be required to have their own assigned licenses.

You will have to contact the software and voice creators directly. I am not a lawyer and not your final say-so. This response is solely based on my own interpretation of the TOS.