I would love to see a Split note +pause feature or script

It would be a great time saver to have a feature or a script that split a note and added a pause (pau) in the second half.

I thought there’s a shortcut and script already to split note?
Or maybe you want that after split it would erase the note after?

You can easily modify the included “Split Selected Notes” script with these steps:

  1. Copy and rename the file
  2. Rename the script by changing line 3
  3. Change line 59 to set your desired lyrics or phonemes instead of defaulting to -
  • To set lyrics, use the splitted.setLyrics() function as is already present in the script
  • To set phonemes, use splitted.setPhonemes() instead
  • To deselect the first note so that only the second one is selected, add selection.unselectNote(note);
  • To delete the second note entirely, you can just not create it in the first place by removing lines 56-61 (this turns it into a “trim note” script instead of a “split note” script)

Keep in mind the script’s behavior is to split notes in half, unless the playhead intersects with the note, in which case it will split on the playhead’s current location.


Is there a way to change the split note script so the second note is in manual mode?
Right now everytime I use it (I use manual mode) the 2nd note will always be in Sing Mode and I’ve been wondering that.


Scripts can’t check or change the pitch mode of a note (yet).

The current workaround would be to change SV.create("Note"); on line 56 to note.clone(); so that it keeps the same pitch mode as the original note.

Because this is copying the original note instead of creating a new one, this will have the side effect of also cloning other attributes from the Note Properties panel (the transition and vibrato sliders, as well as phoneme timing/strength sliders).

Notably the right-click option to split notes does not have this limitation because it’s not based on scripts (but of course that version isn’t customizable either).


That worked great Claire. Thanks so much! You’re the best.

it’s like a million years since they released the scripting APIs last time… hope they will soon update it.

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Good news, as of 1.9.0b2 this is now possible.

The new functions are not mentioned in the scripting documentation yet, but TiredBee has checked the names and posted a list of new script bindings on Twitter: