[Eleonor LITE] WIP "Unaware"

I can’t quite tell what genre this would be exactly, but it’s still just a WIP with Eleonor LITE.
Remaining instruments are almost all free, except for Spitfire Audio’s BBCSO Core.
Free instruments:
Embertone’s Arkane
LABS Warm Bass
LABS Vintage Drums 1975
Strezov Sampling’s Creative Toolkit - Percussion

I’m really starting to get some decent control over diction and the overall flow. Here and there it’s a little tricky to get the words to come out the way I wished for them to, but I’m thrilled beyond believe how amazing this works and sounds. A total delight!

I’m always happy to get some feedback. Again, it’s not done, yet, but a decent enough teaser, I think.