How to use starterpack coupon?

amazon jp에서 synthv starterpack을 구매했고. 현재 synthv 활성화 까지 성공은 했습니다. 그러나 saki 혹은 Akane, Aoi를 무료로 하나 주는 코드를 사용하려고 하는데 다음과 같은 내용이 뜹니더.
" 입력 오류
고객님의 입력 내용을 확인하는 동안 오류가 발생했습니다. 표시된 란의 데이터를 수정하시기 바랍니다."

아까전에 시험하기 위해서 쿠폰 코드를 한 번 적용해봤던게 문제일까요?
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I bought synthv from amazon jp. The current synthv activation has been successful. However, when I try to use a code that gives me a free saki or Akane, Aoi, I get the following message.
“Input error
An error occurred while validating your entries. Please correct the data in the highlighted fields.”

Maybe it was a problem that I applied the coupon code once to test it earlier?

This is the redemption page for the starter pack: Synthesizer V スターターパック

Once you finish the redemption process you will get an email with download instructions. It counts as an order even though there’s no cost, so the email will be an order confirmation from cleverbridge as if you had made a purchase.

Do I have to enter a coupon on the page where the products are listed? Or do I have to enter it on the page where the code is entered after selecting the product?

Right here:

Then press the yellow button beside the voice database you want. It won’t let you go to the next page if you don’t have a valid coupon entered.

I don’t know what the next page looks like because it’s been years since I did it myself, but the instructions say that for orders of ¥0 you should select Paypal so that it can automatically skip payment.

No matter how I enter the information, I can’t move on to the next one.
Would it be too much to ask for help?


After changing to Wire transfer, I moved to the next page, but the price is not 0 won. Are you sure the price will go down after that?

solve! Thanks for your help!

I just confused the O and 0 in the coupon code.