I’ve recently purchased the pro version form the dreamtonics store and I had no issues installing and activating the plugin. However when I open the stand-alone version and enter the activation code, I keep getting this error : " REGISTRATION CODE 1 - OTHER FAILURE "

I really don’t know why this is happening, since I successfully used the same code for the vst version activation.

I was wondering if someone has come across this issue and how to solve it?

I tried to enter the code manually instead of doing copy-past to see if it was some format error but it didin’t work either. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

any help will be greatly appreciated.


You don’t need to activate the standalone separately from the VST.

In this case you’ve launched a different program called “Synthesizer V Editor”. Note that it’s an entirely different user interface from Synthesizer V Studio (the product you purchased).

You should uninstall the discontinued software and launch Synthesizer V Studio instead.

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You’re absolutely right, thank you. I appreciate the quick response.

For some reason on the windows menu when I type in “synthesizer V” the only one that comes up is that edit version that I must’ve installed years ago. Now I looked for the proper version manually and I found it. Weird how it doesn’t come up when I type it in, but anyway… it’s solved now. What a relief. Thanks again.

(And btw I just saved the unofficial user manual and subscribed to your YT channel, really good stuff :smile: