AI Pitch Generation be Going Crazy on 1.9.0b2

So today I tried out SynthV Pro 1.9.0b2 hoping for a better experience than 1.9.0b1.

To my disappointment it was worse. Everything was perfect from the new UI and functions. Bt the big take away was the AI pitch and timbre generation. Pitch is not natural and when it tries to be get’s off-pitch like in 1.5.0. And even though people don’t notice a big difference for the timbre function, I hear a difference and on 1.9.0b2 just like b1 the timbre function didn’t even give the voice any change. This could just be me but on 1.8.1 the timbre function would make the vocals change throughout a single note just slightly. In 1.9.0b2 and b1 it does nothing.

This could also just be me but I feel like the voice quality isn’t the same as before in 1.8.1
Kinda like back in 1.6.0 and 1.7.0 where some users had problems with the voices sounding like lite databases.

Here are some screenshots of both Stardust Infinity (106) and Mai (101b2) pitch curve generation on SynthV Pro 1.9.0b2:

Pitch Curves in 1.8.1:

These pitch curves are crazy compared to 1.8.1, and by crazy I mean these are curves that are un-realistic and something I can’t produce with.

So I hope Dreamtonics take’s a look at this and fix it. Cause I want to update but if 1.9.0 pitch generation is this bad i’ll have to stick to 1.8.1​:sob::skull:

And out of curiosity, is anyone else having this problem?

AI will always make mistakes, just keep clam, and re-generate it :rofl:
The picture was taken on march-12th, 1.8.1, so just accept the bug.

Sorry if I confused you, but I was talking about the curves in 1.9.0b2.

In 1.8.1 it was perfect for me, the issue came in 1.9.0b1 and b2 where the pitch curves would be so broken that long notes had no variation besides a slope.

And personally, i’m not a fan of the linear slope in 1.9.0b2
I loved the AI for 1.8.1