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Is there a script reference document that details the variables, attributes, parameters etc for the various SV scriptable elements. I read a lot about scripts being written but cannot find anything online or in the forum that would allow me to try creating /testing any.

The official scripting documentation is mostly up-to-date, because very few things have changed since the original implementation:

The main things it’s missing:

  • You can access the tone shift parameter in the same manner as the others with the “toneShift” string
  • Same for vocal modes, with the “vocalMode_” prefix followed by the name of the vocal mode, for example “vocalMode_Soft”

Additionally, the new script bindings added in 1.9.0b2 have been documented by TiredBee here (but of course these are only in the beta, so they might change with the final update):

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A tutorial is needed to help us learn how to write script. The current document is more like a dictionary or a reference page, than a tutorial class.
In fact, I bet that they just export the comments, then publish the website AS-IS. :rofl:

The documentation site directs to this GitHub repository for implementation examples:

But you can also follow any examples from other users as well.

If you’re not familiar with JavaScript or LUA, there are much more comprehensive guides online for getting started, so it doesn’t really make sense for Dreamtonics to cover that information.

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