Male Voice Limits

This might be reaching too far, but… Is there a male voice that can get above C5 without straining, falsetto, or Mickey Mouse voice? How can I achieve a Journey-type voice? Do I need a mixture of voices?

I think Yuma and Kevin are probably the highest male vocals, but both start to have a thin falsetto sound around C5/D5.

Dreamtonics vocals tend to be somewhat less flexible than some other options, so this isn’t very surprising, but so far there aren’t any other masculine voice databases that can maintain powerful vocals at that range.

I can’t say this for certain because we still don’t have a lot of information, but the upcoming SAROS voice database might be suitable for those kind of vocals, based on this tweet from Eclipsed Sounds (

SAROS is a tenor-based vocalist with a wide range, but both their vocal style & image is semi-inspired by glam rock & the gender ambiguity/vocal flexibility of the era! Please look forward to more information at the end of the month, and thank you for your support!

It has also been said that SAROS will have more vocal modes and a larger dataset than either SOLARIA or ASTERIAN did. You can keep an eye on this page for more information as development progresses:


Would it be possible to butch-up a female voice on the lower notes? Solaris might be good for this? Maybe? I like her upper register.

I’m looking at Saros now. I like him. I hope they use head-voice and with falsetto. I like how Solaris was done. Her upper register is with her head-voice, and she can also hit falsetto. Not thin in any way. Very nice.