Possiilities to move the midi notes with the arrows of the keyboard from the computer

Hello, may I suggest you to add the way to move the midi notes via the arrows up and down from the
keyboard of the computer does instead with only the mouse? Cubase, Sibelius or finale do in their editor.

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If you have the Pro edition this can be done with scripts. The “Move Notes Up/Down/Left/Right” scripts available here can be bound to the arrow keys via the Settings panel for easy-access:


Thanks a lot Claire

Hi Claire! I’ve just installed your scripts. Amazing. Thanks. I’m using logic pro and although the scripts are working, I’m getting the following error messages for each one everytime I open logic. All I have to do is click through the ‘ok’ buttons and the error messages disappear and the scripts DO work but i was wondering if you are aware of this please and if so, do you have any ability to amend the script so this error message doesn’t crop up please? Thanks!

Oh, I had heard mention of issues with JS scripts in Logic but this is my first time actually seeing it. It only affects Logic Pro, meaning I don’t have any way to reproduce or test it.

I think I’d have to rewrite the scripts in LUA instead of JavaScript, which isn’t necessarily difficult, just not something I currently have the spare time to tackle at the moment.

Hi Claire. I’d be happy to personally test for you if you might have time to make a small update. You have no idea how LIFE-CHANGING these scripts are towards using Synth V for me. These scripts literally make the difference between whether I actually use the entire platform or not - since I use synth V for creating harmony parts and being able to move parts up and down with arrows is the only way I can move them and for them still to remain in place on the correct beat, if you follow me? Using the mouse is messy and it ends up not being right! Any thoughts? :slight_smile: