[Natalie] Original song "Loners"

Bought Natalie & AnXiao from DLSite and this is my first attempt on Natalie, which I went straight into her lower register. Also, tried using rap mode for spoken words, but not that effectively. Would appreciate if anyone has tips on doing spoken or use of Natalie.


Unusual but good song a use of Natalie.
Finally someone (like me) who also prefers her lower registers.


like the message in the song.


Really cool. I like the more experimental use of SynthV.

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Heard your Climate Changes tracks on youtube. Really like your musical taste - esp less conventional chord changes in Scorched Earth. Great work!

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Thanks for the YT comment. I’ve got more new stuff on the way - in lots of different styles. Keep an eye out.

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I’ve long wanted to fuse some jazz chords and progressions into electronics but haven’t found the right vibe yet.

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