Finally I found a singer - Solaria... Two Songs finished with her famous voice...

I am an electronic musician who sometimes needs a female singer for special songs - although there are long instrumental parts normally, sometimes there are lyrics which needs to be sung. And I was never able to find a singer for those songs. Until I found Synthesizer V and Solaria.

Here are my first two songs I have done with her, maybe someone like it…

Solaria is fantastic, and so is the whole application, for someone longing for a singer for such a long time…



Pretty cool songs. A long, long time ago, in another life, I wrote similar music, so that’s right up my alley.
Nowadays I’m more into pop/rock/punk, but I still like good old electronic music.
Good use of Solaria, especially ‘Homesick’ has a nice ‘Lichtmond’ vibe.
Your production is generally pretty good!
Well done!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Very Nice Joachim . . . .

Every time I hear “Asdic” used in Music I’m always put in mind of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” :wink:

No matter . . . . Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . . . . . :+1:

Solaria’s melody lines are very Musical and perfect for singing . . . .

I’m convinced that the Voice Artist would indeed be pleased at the way you have made her sound . . . .

Great Work.

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Yes, my kind of music - I really enjoyed both tracks, bravo!
Now do a longer version :yum:

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Very nice songs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pink Floyd Echoes - well this is quite a long time ago. I nremember I loved to hear Shine on you crazy diamond and dream away with this…

A longer version? Normally people ask me to do a shorter version :wink: