No installation possible Logic Pro

I tried to install the basic version 1.8.1 in Logic 10.7.8 with Monterey 12.6.5. However no component found. I restarted twice. Just nothing found. Any help appreciated.

The Basic edition cannot be used as a plugin.

You can see the full list of differences between Basic and Pro on the store page:

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Oh, what a pity.

I realise its not the point of your question - but you can of course complete your vocal arrangement in the Standalone basic version - then render out the tracks to audio - and drag those into logic to finish up . . . .

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Thanks @parametric , I know I can do that but it´s hard to value it if it´s outside the daw. However its astonishing.

I completely agree. I came from Realivox Blue - not a bad program but very far from SVS.
The realism possible with just the Basic version is remarkable. Obviously some bells and whistles must be confined to the paid version - but ultimately, the best will depend on how much time you spend learning and applying the myriad of settings available . . . :wink: