Activation code for Mai (basic free version)

Newbie queston: how can I get an activation code for Mai? I downloaded it from the “Free Voice Database for Synth V” but it seems to be wrong…? Any hint high appreciated, thanks in advance.

Mai is only available for owners of the Pro edition. There is no separate product code, she will be automatically activated when SynthV Studio Pro is also activated and cannot be used in the Basic edition.

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Thanks, so which voice is the right one then?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but if you need a free voice database to try out there are plenty of lite versions available for non-commercial use:

This helps a lot, thank you very much. The only reason is that I want to try out SV, just that easy. There must be a reason the dev hide these voice packs - but which?

„These voicebanks unfortunately aren’t in one convenient place, and I’m really fucking bored and literally have nothing better to do than catalog this shit.“
Nothing to add.

How are they “hidden”? Most of them are available on the same downloads website you got Mai from, and the rest are available from each developer’s website. There’s literally a link to Solaria’s lite version on the product page for Solaria ( and some of the largest text on the page says “Try before you buy - using SOLARIA Lite!”.