More power settings for Voices

I’m currently working on a punkrock cover using Solaria and to make her sing with the same timbre and intensity as in the original I have to lift her voice for six half steps, unfortunately I’d also have to tune my guitar down to G#-standard which is not an option for this song :smiley:

I guess I’ll be using Kevin or Ninezero in the meanwhile as the original also has a male voice however a better Power/Belt slider would be really appreciated.


It would be really useful for a few of my projects to have a more ‘angry’ singing style, more ‘shouty’. This would be good for punk and some really passionate songs. I find ‘Belt’ to still be too pedestrian for the style I want on these particular songs, I want “10,000 seater venue, PA failed, reach the back of the room”.


I would like to see a little grit on the top range. Like John Lennon. Clean to grit to scream.


I just tried Kevin instead of Solaria with not much success in that regards as Kevin goes into falsetto instead of break-up. I hoestly think we just need a Dave Grohl voicepack or something the likes which gives us all the shouting and screaming.

I agree. The voicebanks could use a little more power. Also, a growling option.