Solaria original James bond song - Cats never die

Hi everyone, I’ve just discovered Synthetizer V and I find it so amazing, a clear game changer. I’ve composed this song in the style of James Bond that fits very well with Solaria, its powerful voice : #solaria #synthv [Original James bond song] Cats never die [Solaria - Synth V] - YouTube


An interesting take on the Bond concept . . . .

I especially like the (very expressive!) softening of the vocal in the outro . . .

(nicely demonstrates what can be achieved if you spend time learning the settings and what they do!)

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Thank you very much for listening and for your comments, I really appreciate :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, and I shoud more use the vocal settings automation possibilities in my next attempts.

You did a beautiful work, sounds really great with solaria voice this song :blush::sparkles:

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