BUG: Dragging and Resizing notes often causes insane vibrato and spikes that keep needing to be re-drawn

BUG: Dragging and Resizing notes often causes insane vibrato and spikes that keep needing to be re-drawn

BUG 2: Drawing vibrato can often result in the software going into a moment of madness and draw a massive line from regions unknown to where you are drawing from where you never even started drawing the vibrato/pitch line.

One of the main feature of your software that makes your software useful, would have thought you would have had this ironed out very early on.

Suggestion, use your software for a few hours and fix issues you come across before serving it to the public.

  1. Take into account a user adjusted vibrato wave when note is resized, if your unable to generate a vibrato of any reasonable quality, crop the user version or stretch it.

  2. Write some code to check for abnormal spikes.

  3. Test, test, bug fix, test, create a song 4 minutes in length and make adjustments don’t use a saved file.

OS: Win
DAW: Bitwig


The developers do not actively monitor these forums, you should send your bug reports to [email protected] if you want them to see your feedback.

Make sure when you send your bug report you include the version of SynthV Studio and which voice database you are using. If you’re using the current 1.9.0b2 beta release, consider using the more stable 1.8.1 for the time being.

It would also be best if you included screenshot or video examples of the odd pitch curves, and verify whether the issue happens when running the software standalone instead of as a plugin.

Thousands of original songs have been made with this software. You’re clearly encountering an unusual bug which doesn’t affect the vast majority of users, so while this is unfortunate it’s very unlikely a result of simple negligence in testing and more likely something specific to your setup.

RE: The developers point of contact
Yes I sent an email also.

RE: You’re clearly encountering an unusual bug
No, I can re-produce it constantly, this has been happening since I purchased SynV over a year ago and that includes 1.8.1. I have re-installed the OS and all software multiple times since then so there are no issues there.

RE: The beta
I might give that a try.

RE: The bugs
The software is still usable, and yes I have released songs using it. It’s just extremely frustrating after a while. I spend hours in the software editing notes and having to re-draw the vibrato/pitch over and over, what makes it even more frustrating for me is that I’m a programmer (23 years), I would get my ass handed to me for allowing issues on the core / functionality of the software to go public like this, they do get through but they would be flagged pretty quickly and I would be on it asap.

RE: Standalone or DAW
Happens in both.


Yes, you can reproduce it, but most other users have never experienced this problem. Just because you see a behavior often doesn’t mean it isn’t unusual on a larger scale.

No worries, I don’t expect anything to come of my bug report here or via email, tbh. Often never does with the majority of software these days.

It was just nice to get it out via a impartial bug report on the forum and email.

Well these pitch/vibrato lines ain’t going to draw themselves, back to it lol

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Test project and video for you, ait really getting back to these line drawings lol

It seems the issue here is that you have Instant Mode enabled while also drawing the curves manually. I don’t think there’s any bug here (aside from the desync at the end).

When you draw a pitch curve manually it is not strictly associated with the note, it is added to the Pitch Deviation parameter which you have minimized at the bottom of the screen. This parameter curve is applied additively to the original pitch.

When you resize or move the note, not only are you “leaving behind” your manually-drawn curves, but Instant Mode will re-generate its pitch because the note’s context has changed (naturally, a longer note has a different pitch pattern than a shorter one, as does a note closer or further from other notes).

The generated pitch will be combined with your drawn pitch deviations additively (if they still overlap), which results in the odd curves. Since the original generated pitch curve is not the same as the new one, the additive result will inherently be somewhat nonsensical.

Additionally, when you move a different note into the same position as the original note used to be, it will be affected by those parameter curves that were left behind (which you can see by expanding the panel at the bottom). Again, since the new note has a different generated pitch pattern than the original one, this will produce a somewhat nonsensical result.

You could move the parameter curve along with the notes, but this wouldn’t really matter if you have Instant Mode enabled because it’s still going to generate a new base pitch curve for the note based on its context.

You can entirely resolve this issue by disabling Instant Mode. If you want to re-generate AI pitch deviations for a note after changing it, run Auto Pitch Tuning manually (this is what Instant Mode is already doing automatically when you change the notes, you’re not losing out on anything except for AI Retakes, which you don’t seem to be using anyway).

Alternatively, open the parameters panel and delete the manually drawn pitch curves so they do not conflict with newly generated ones.

This will be easier in 1.9.0 where each note can have its pitch mode set to manual or auto, without being a project-wide setting like Instant Mode.

Using 1.9.0 (or the already-available beta release) you can easily “lock” an AI-generated pitch curve by setting a note to manual mode, and then its pitch will not be recalculated when it is modified. You will still need to move the parameter points with the note. They can be selected by right-clicking the note, clicking “Select Parameters for Note”, then repositioning the entire selection.

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That video was just quickly done for the demonstration, I typically don’t have playback enabled when drawing as that can cause the line drawing to do random things and bug out, probably due to cpu stutters etc.

I also take my time on the drawing, which is what bugs me, as I often loose this, so I’m constantly grouping just encase.

But when I make a timing adjustment, not just the note I’m editing goes mad but others also (not in video).

My workflow is typically:

  1. Get tune and timing right in DAW
  2. Export wav/mp3
  3. Standalone mode load up save file, import wav and clean it up
  4. Export
  5. Import into DAW
  6. Mastering

Instant mode is off when using syn v in standalone mode, but often get those results.

I look forward to 1.9.x and 2.x

Thanks for the tips.

Correction from my last post: Was doing some standalone work and after a 3 hour session I noticed I never once touched the mode, it was always in instant mode.

I just did some tests, more testing to be done but deleting the pitch parameters in the expandable vector graph line thing at the bottom (where things can go off screen), and it just flat lined everything. Re-compute pitch for selected notes did not regenerate as if it was a new note added. And AI re-takes are not available when instant mode is off. Toggle on and off again regenerated.

Looks like the best way to do this (for me), would be get the timings and notes right 1st in instant mode in the DAW (dont touch a single vibrato/pitch line, unless to delete because it can put you off getting timings right). Then export wav/mp3 of song and import into SynV in standalone mode, turn off instant mode, delete all pitch deviation data via main note editing window as it’s often off the screen and not all selectable in the parameters window, and then do my line drawing thing.

The option is “Auto pitch tuning” as mentioned above, not “Recompute Pitch”.

If the curve extends past the top or bottom of the Parameters panel, click the zoom options (item #3 on this diagram):

This is well explained. I have the same experience with OP & have thought for a long time that Instant Mode is what is affecting me.