Supernova in a Lightbulb [Solaria]

This is a song I wrote when I was having a bad day.

It’s about how our hidden creativity and imagination can lift us when things aren’t going well.

The singing uses the Solaria voicebank
The spoken part uses a human :slight_smile:


This is a great song. The opening bars hint promises, and then the song delivers itself. The video goes well with the track too! Love your guitars. It would be even greater if the kick and snare were more upfront to push the energy up even more. Well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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A while ago I wrote in a post that Natalie has an amazing tenderness in her singing and I’m not so good with Solaria. But it can be shown by songs with Solaria of other Synthesizer V Pro users. And this song is such an amazing phenomenon.


I totally agree with you about Natalie and Solaria (whom I feel rather over-exposed). But, yes, Northwave did Solaria more than justice on this track.


Js111 and gaude – thank you both for listening and for your comments :slight_smile:

Nice song. The lyrics create great visual imagery - complemented by the screen images. Amazing how well the real voice blends with Solaria.

Thanks, SynergyV!

Maybe one day Solaria will be able to do the narration :slight_smile: