Does 1.9 reproduce existing tracks unmodified?

I would really like to upgrade to the 1.9 beta to play with the new features. But I have a few pieces I am working on that I don’t want to change. With the new UI for control of modes, will existing tracks be reproduced as they were before, or will I have to expect that existing tracks sound different in 1.9?


It is a beta version - treat with caution, there are known bugs in it and maybe more will be found.
I would suggest backing up your project(s) and only risking a copy in any trials you do.

Actually, I would personally do a backup anyway prior to any version upgrade so if any changes the program makes aren’t to my tastes I can revert to the previous program version and a fresh copy of my project backup file - nothing lost!

1.9.0b1 had some backward-compatibility problems, which have been mostly resolved in 1.9.0b2.

There is always some risk that AI-generated pitch patterns will change with new versions of either the synthesis engine or the voice database. To avoid this, make sure you disable Instant Mode for your project before upgrading, in addition to making a backup of your SVP file and ensuring you have a copy of the 1.8.1 installer in order to downgrade if necessary.

Disabling Instant Mode will move all the pitch deviations to the parameters panel, effectively “locking” them so they will not be regenerated automatically. If you decide to regenerate a pitch pattern later in 1.9.0, you can easily do so by changing the note’s pitch mode to “Sing” (unlike Instant Mode, generated pitch curves in future versions with “Sing Mode” are per-note instead of for the entire project).