Importing midi files ("Clean up the imported project?")

Hello, This is my first post.
When I import a midi file, I was asked whether I would want to CLEAN UP the imported project. Please explain what it does. I was also asked if I would like to do it manually, but I don’t know what a “clean” midi should be.


It will extend some notes to fill extremely short gaps, as well as removing overlapping notes.

It might also remove invalid zero-length notes which would end up invisible in the SynthV piano roll, but I can’t confirm this because my DAW doesn’t export these “ghost” notes that some other users have encountered.

For example, this is a “messy” MIDI file I threw together to test:

This is the automatically “cleaned up” result. Note that it removed many of the overlapping notes, shortened some to fill gaps, and bridged a small silence toward the end.

When overlapping MIDI notes start at the exact same time, the one that remains will the be the last one encoded in the file.


Thank you very much.