Features Fequest.

Hi I’ve just discovered and purchased synth V and I want to first thank you for the hard work you’ve all put into it. I have a 3 feature requests if I may.

  1. Can you guys add scale Highlighting and scale quantizing to the pianoroll? Similarly to how Ableton does it in their pianoroll?

  2. Can you please use AI so it can capture both the melody and the lyrics of a vocal recording right into the pianoroll. You know like text to speech technology but also catching the notes and pitch information. This would be such an amazing time saving feature and a game changing for sure.

3.And lastly, please allow Synth V to be midi controlled from DAW pianoroll and external controllers and also the ability to automate its parameters from the DAW?

I know these are not easy tasks but I’m hopeful and thankful if you can make any of them happen.

Thank you so much.