Bad kasane teto english update

Teto’s English actually sounds a lot worse with her beta update, most notably with her R’s, but also just all around worse. It just sounds more noisy and kind of like she’s dying at some points. I hope the developers are aware of this and working on a fix for her full release.

Most of the reactions I’ve seen seem to indicate that Teto’s L sounds and non-Japanese vowel sounds have improved. Since this is a cross-lingual synthesis update, it’s possible that improving some specific phonemes has inadvertently affected others in strange ways.

(this is the main comparison I saw, which sounds quite a bit better with the new beta, imo, but it’s also a sequence with a lot of L sounds which are supposedly the main thing that has gotten better:

If you’re finding issues with certain sounds, send your feedback to Dreamtonics at [email protected]; they do not actively monitor these forums. Make sure to include the exact lyrics/phonemes you’re having issues with in your message (or even just attach your SVP and tell them which measure numbers the issues occur at).

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if I should contact DT since it’s a third party voice but I will do that now.