Why does Synth V go into automatic tuning when I upload a midi file

Hi there. For whatever reason, when I upload a midi file into Synth V, it goes into automiatic mode. That means that the new vibrato modulator under pitch mode is greyed out, it just says automatic (see pic) and other parameters under auto process are also greyed out(see pic).
How can I get this file out of auto mode? Any info appreciated, thanks.

To change the default note mode when importing MIDI and creating notes, use the dropdown in the settings menu (“Note Default Pitch Mode”).

To change the existing notes to manual mode, select them and click the “Manual” button in the Note Properties menu under “Pitch Mode”. This is the equivalent to disabling instant mode in previous versions, except that you don’t have to toggle it for the entire project any more.


If you want to use the Vibrato Modulation slider, make sure you have some notes selected and that you’re using a voice database that has received an update for 1.9.0 compatibility (including the current beta versions).

The vibrato modulation slider is specific to the AI-generated vibrato when using Sing auto pitch mode, so if you switch to Manual it will disappear because it would do nothing. Notes in manual mode use the classic vibrato sliders (start, depth, etc.) in combination with the Vibrato Envelope parameter.

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Thank you Claire. I did update the Synth V program, I was not aware that you had to update the voices as well. I will do so. The voice in question is Natalie, I will check if that has got an update. I just have Solaria, Asterian, Natalie and Kevin. Again, thanks very much for your help.