Project Pre 1.9.0 With Instant Mode On Load Into 1.9.0 ?

Can somebody enlighten me please …
When loading a project that is using - Instant Mode
How do you load such pre 1.9.0 projects into 1.9.0 without it changing the behavior and quality ?
When I load such a project into 1.9.0 the behavior has completely changed:\
How do you get that back, how can you continue working on older projects with 1.9.0 ?

The “Sing” pitch mode under Note Properties is the same as what Instant Mode used to be, it’s just something you toggle for each note instead of the entire project. If you load a project that had Instant Mode enabled, the notes should be in Sing mode already.

Also make sure the “Manual” button to the right of it is disabled (dark) if you want AI-generated pitch curves. You can also tell if a note is in Manual mode if it has a small triangle in the upper right corner.

There’s a dropdown in the settings menu (“Note Default Pitch Mode”) which lets you choose whether new/imported notes should default to Auto or Manual pitch curves.

But that’s not the same
Cause pre 1.9.0 you had instant Mode + Pitch Transition + Vibrato Control
Now when you open a project SING is on but I have no control over Pitch Transition + Vibrato
When I now select all notes then enable MANUAL, then Pitch Transition + Vibrato is back on
But now all notes are recomputed and the Sound Quality and Timing Seriously goes down
The sound becomes Robotic/Lose of Dynamics/Lose of Timing/Slight Slurs
It is nowhere near the same Quality as pre 1.9.0 ?

So I can not get back to a pre 1.9.0 project in 1.9.0 without it changing the project:\

Setting a note to Manual will keep the generated pitch and allow further editing with the sliders. This way the AI-generated portion is “locked” so it won’t be recomputed again and overwrite your changes unless you switch the note back to Auto or manually run Auto Pitch Tuning.

If this isn’t the case for you, then make sure this option is checked.



Ah OK, it actually is From Manual to Sing mode that needs to be checked to maintain the same setting, at least for me
But, the sound is absolutely not the same Quality - it actually is terrible:\
But that was not my quest, the question was to get the same settings 1.8.0 vs 1.9.0
You answered my quest, Thank you Claire!

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