My old song v new version

“Skládám účty za své hříchy” - “I account for my sins” my older song with a new accompaniment from this year and here Asterian sang it for me and Ninezero helped in the chorus.

Asterian and I have a certain similarity in voice, so I will teach Asterian to sing my song and then I will learn to sing it according to Asterian. A method to improve my singing, but I’m nowhere near Eric Hollaway’s quality and never will be. It is also an advantage, I have someone to learn from. Another link probably doesn’t belong here, but I want to show what form the original song was in ( same new accompaniment 2023 ) and I sang the song in 2008 “Growl” style. At least that’s what I think, but it can be called something else.

:slightly_smiling_face:Both forms of the song have Czech lyrics and I vouch for the correctness of the Czech language, where it I sing. The same cannot be said for the version sung by Asterian and Ninezero. A listener who doesn’t know the text understands only occasionally, and I can’t do it any better. The final version of this song will be me singing the first two verses before the chorus and then I’ll sing like Asterian and have a friend sing Ninezer’s version for me.