Total devices per licence?

Hi guys, sorry if this isn’t the correct area to ask.

I am wondering how many Devices can i run my Synth V pro on ? i have a pc and laptop and was wondering if it’s possible to have it on both at the same time. I did some research online and I was getting mixed results. some say 1 device and others says up to 3/4 and you have to deactivate a device if you want more. If anybody knows what the answer is i would be grateful, thank you.

The reason you see mixed results is because some products allow for only one and some allow for three simultaneous devices.

This is the latest EULA for Synthesizer V Studio, which only allows installation on one computer per license:

And this is the latest EULA for the voice databases released by Dreamtonics, which allows three simultaneous devices per license, so long as only one person is actually using those devices: Terms | Dreamtonics株式会社

So… yeah despite both being by Dreamtonics, they actually have different restrictions on the editor compared to the voice databases. It’s a bit odd.

As for third-party voice databases:

Those that allow a single activation, similar to SynthV Studio Pro:

  • AHS
  • Voicemith

Those that allow three activations, similar to Dreamtonics voice databases:

  • Eclipsed Sounds
  • Quadimension

Those that do not specify one way or the other:

  • Animen/Volor
  • Audiologie

Of course in all cases, make sure you deactivate the product before uninstalling it, otherwise you may not be able to recover that use of the activation code.

All product codes should allow for three total activations, even if the terms only allow for one concurrently, as the extras allow for situations like hardware failure where deactivation is not possible. Successful deactivation will “refund” one use of the code, allowing the software to be moved between devices without limit.

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Thank you soo much for clearing that up. I can see why it was confusing now. In theory to stay in bounds of the rules. i would activate kevin for example on the laptop but it would have to be on the studio basic version editor as EULA says i cannot activate it the studio PRO version on more than one device. Only in a situation where hardware failure (which i guess is tired to the HWID) only then you can activate it on another device but you will lose that refund as you can’t deactivate the previous one correct? That’s is very strange but rules are rules. Hopefully i understood what you mean, it’s late here and i’m old haha. thank you for clearing that up.