Old Newby .. voices and waveforms


Just nicely had Synth V pro and am slowly finding my way round it … mainly through YouTube articles. I am 78, so a little on the slow side.

Two questions ….

Obviously I will experiment, but I write songs for kids and would like a voice which sounds like a child. Does anyone have any ideas for settings? I have Kevin and Solaria (is it / she?) Ideally I would like several young voices to sound like the small group I once used professionally.

Also, do the waveforms serve any practical purpose, or are they just ornamental? They do look good!

I intend using SV standalone and to import finished tracks into Logic Pro to mix.

Thanks, Dave

Dreamtonics recently released two Chinese children’s voices, Lin Lai and Yun Quan. They’re very recent releases, so they’re not available on the international store yet.

I’m also not sure how strong their accents are when using cross-lingual synthesis to sing in English, but they definitely have the appropriate tone for children’s songs. It could be worth searching around to see if anyone has posted English songs with them.

The waveforms shown match the sound produced by the software. It’s just like if you were to open a wav file in an audio editor or DAW and see the waveform representation of it.

The main use would be seeing at a glance if certain phonemes are too loud or quiet compared to the surrounding sounds, so they can be adjusted appropriately. It also makes it very easy to distinguish between vowel and consonant sounds, since each type of phoneme tends to have a somewhat distinct shape, and this can help with timing adjustments.

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Thanks for very swift reply. Not sure if I could cope with bi lingual translation on top of all the other complicated stuff !!

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