Pause or return


Is there a way to stop playback just where it is?

If I press SPACE BAR I would expect it just to stop where it is, but it goes back to the previous play position. That could be useful, but If I want to edit something how do I stop it ‘in place’ please?

I am used to Logic commands!


You can toggle between this functionality via the transport controls (item 5 in this diagram):

Thanks Claire.
No keyboard easy access then?
Does your life revolve around SV? You always answer so quickly. Do you have an iPad strapped to your body??.

There are hotkeys for each, which can be changed at the bottom of the Settings panel, and are visible in the dropdown from the top of the application:


As for answering quickly, I just tend to keep a web browser on my second monitor and one of the open tabs is the forums. When there’s a new post the tab shows an indicator, so I tend to notice whenever I go to Google something, look for a YouTube video, etc.

Wow. Thanks, Dave