Importing MIDI into Synthesizer V - voice doesn't 'sing'

Hi All,

I recently exported a MIDI track (Export as MIDI) then imported the track in Synthesizer V. I can see all the notes, and the ‘la’ lyrics. I assigned Kevin’s voice, but still the notes play as a sort of default electronic piano sound and not Kevin’s voice. I have tried changing the lyrics. I have even imported the track into other instrument tracks to see if there is instrument settings in the track itself, and in each case the right instrument plays. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.


Those waveforms don’t look like vocals, so it’s most likely some form of rendering error. Go to the voice panel and tweak one of the parameters (like loudness) slightly to force a re-render and see if that works.

If that still doesn’t work you can try forcing an internal renderer restart via the Settings panel (“Restart Live Rendering System” near the bottom).

Thank you. I did as you suggested and adjusted the loudness and tension sliders, and watched the waveforms alter. Still no good. I then also clicked “Restart Live Rendering System”. It took a few suggestions and then repainted the same waveforms… Still however no vocal sounds, just electronic piano notes.

In that case, first update Kevin to the latest version, then try deselecting and reselecting the vocalist.

Also confirm that the same thing happens when running the software standalone instead of as a plugin.

If none of those work, then consider sending an email to Dreamtonics at [email protected].

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It’s kind of a longshot, but your vocal mode shows as “default”. I would try selecting a specific vocal mode and see what happens.

Thank you - but that’s not it either. (You can see in the second screenshot that I changed that to ‘Solid’).

Interestingly, I imported the exact same track into the standalone software and it worked correctly. :thinking:

Stumped now.

Yes, stumped… I would try a different voice, but it looks like you just have one. Do you have a different DAW to try it in?

Don’t have the MIDI input in the DAW on the track (that’s where the “default piano sound” is coming from), just import the MIDI into the plugin.

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Thank you. How do I remove the MIDI input from the track? I create the track by exporting the track as a MIDI track from the DAW. I then import the resultant .mid file to the plugin.

Don’t put the plugin on the same track that you exported the .mid from, but on a new, empty track.

Helpful. Thanks.