How to release a song featuring Kyomachi Seika legally?

Hello, I want to release a song featuring the free version of Kyomachi Seika voice, using Synthesizer V Studio Basic.

Could anyone tell me if I can release it on Spotify, Youtube, and on other platforms in my music album? (I’m not using visual images of the character). Can I do it freely and legally, and receive royalties from the streams? Or should I buy some other version of Synth V to do that?

It’s hard to understand this whole procedure for a foreigner. Thank you!

Important edit: I misread your post and didn’t realize you were using Kyomachi Seika Lite, the original response below pertains to the paid version of the product.

As for the lite version, no, you cannot use lite voice databases for commercial purposes under any circumstances. There used to be some small exceptions for Eleanor Forte lite, but the time where those were relevant is long past.

You can find the full EULA for the voice database in the installation directory, and the terms for lite version voice databases are also listed on the Dreamtonics download site: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (

Synthesizer V Studio Basic is allowed for commercial use, as long as the voice database being used also allows for it.

My original response:

There is an English version of the EULA in the installation directory.

For Kyomachi Seika (and all other AHS voice databases), you can use the rendered output for commercial purposes without any need to request permission or sign additional contracts.

  1. Except as otherwise specified, you may use the synthesized sound generated by using this software, whether commercial or non-commercial, free of charge.

  2. Except as otherwise specified, the user may indicate that Synthesizer V Studio(or the voice database for Synthesizer V Studio) has been used in your productions.

This means you can post your songs on monetized streaming platforms, sell it on Bandcamp, etc., and you do not need to specify that SynthV Studio was used (but if you want to, you are allowed to).

The “except as otherwise specified” part is in reference to point 13, which goes over the typical illegal or otherwise harmful uses:

  1. When using the software, you must not do any of the following acts, or any act that may lead to such acts
  • (1) Falsification of information that may be used in the software.
  • (2) Any action that infringes or may infringe our copyrights or that of a third party.
  • (3) Sending and writing harmful computer programs, etc.
  • (4) Slander or defamation of us or a third party.
  • (5) Any action that violates or may violate privacy.
  • (6) An act that is against public order and morals, or an act of disclosing obscene documents, drawings, synthesized voice, etc. to others.
  • (7) Interfering with the operation and use of the software.
  • (8) Any other actions that violate or may violate the law.

Keep in mind that this allows use of the synthesized sound, not the character image. If you wanted to feature the Kyomachi Seika character on your album cover and market the product using her image, that would require additional permissions.

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Generally, lite voices (or the free versions of paid voices) are not allowed to be used commercially in any way/manner/form. If you do want to use it commercially, you’d have to at least buy the voice.


oh. yeah I totally missed that part of the original post and assumed they were using the paid version, thanks for the correction!


You could probably use Mai though, as that is a full free database, but yeah, AHS voices, you can’t use the free versions commercially.

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Considering they mention using Synth V Studio Basic, this would also require purchasing the full software to get access to Mai.

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