Original Natalie song - The Creatures of the Night. With mode and voicing changes.

Just posted a new Natalie song that uses a lot of mode changes and blending and voicing changes. Details on the YT page. Thanks for watching.
The Creatures of the Night


I liked your song, sounds amazing and lyrics about another one is really true, you made a wonderful work

Thanks Johann. I’m happy you liked it. And thanks for the YT comment. More new songs to come.

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A very flavourful tune with lots of interesting instrumentation. The zuma sounds made me visualize Mongolian plains. The irish whistle brings to mind the melancholic pains of the Titanic song. I also like it that you prefer to use Natalie over Solaria.

Thanks Js. I originally made this song for Vocaloid Avanna back 10 years ago - hence the Celtic flavor. I have Natalie and Solaria and (at this point) prefer Natalie for her expression in the lower notes. Mode blending works really well with her too. She fits well with the style of music I do. It looks like you like her for the same reasons.

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Hi SynergyV, I feel that we share similar tastes. Looking forward to hear more of your works. :heart_eyes:

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