New Voicebank Has Arrived (DLin and Ritchy)

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Our new voices Ritchy and D-Lin are available in full today. These are the latest hip hop additions to Dreamtonics’ roster of virtual vocalists.

Synthesizer V AI Ritchy (native language: English) is a voice database designed for rap and hip hop. In close collaboration with hip hop artist Mbanja Ritchy, aka B-Bandj, whom the voice is based on, Ritchy delivers a dose of authentic street vibe to your music creation process. This masculine English voice database offers a calm yet impactful low range with a unique release breath that’s perfectly suited for rhythmic spoken word and rap. Ritchy also further surprises with a gentle, swift-transitioning falsetto, showcasing his versatility.

Synthesizer V AI D-Lin is a voice database uniquely tailored for rap, grounded in Chinese, with a significant inclusion of English samples. D-Lin stands out with his ability to excel at fast-paced rapping, smoothly folding multiple pronunciations into one crisp, clear, mid-range voice. This ability, coupled with the captivating appeal of his tone, makes D-Lin a truly remarkable choice.

Previously, we have offered these voices as Feature-Limited Trials. We will continue offering these FLT versions for those who want to try the voices first, before deciding to purchase them in full.

To purchase Ritchy, visit

To purchase D-Lin, visit


I almost went for Ninezero on the strength of that Ghost of the Sea video. But I’m glad I got the Ritchy voicebank, since it works very well for a non-rap track I’m playing with.

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