Hello! New Downloading SynthV Basic. Is there any automatic Phonemes for D-Lin in english?

Heyo! Wanted to learn more about synth and I was playing around with the features and got lost. I downloaded Synth Basic on the free trial and used D-Lin’s voice with some lyrics. However, all the pronunciation for English words like “So,” “I’ll,” and so on are not working. I tried looking up how to fix it and some tutorials didn’t have this issue and automatically has the pronunciation right. Did I forget to download something? Is there a button I am missing? Some help would be greatly appreciated!

Cross-lingual Synthesis is the feature which allows access to phonemes for languages other than the voice database’s “native” language, and is only available in the Pro edition of the software.

The full list of differences between Basic and Pro can be found on the store page: https://store.dreamtonics.com/product/editor-svstudio-pro/

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thank you so much!