Synthesizer v Authentication Count

I formatted and reinstalled my Mac OS, but I didn’t uninstall Synthesizer v. Does this reduce the number of times I need to authenticate with Synthesizer v?
In this case, does this reduce the number of times I can authorize Synthesizer v when reauthorizing?

I know the total number of authorizations is 3.

If you needed to reactivate the software, and you never deactivated, then yes one use of the code has been lost.

If lost, is there any way to recover the code in the future?
Maybe if I emailed them, they would recover it?

Thank you for your answer.

Some people have reached out to Dreamtonics in the past ([email protected]) about having their codes reset, however I’m not sure how often customer support actually allows this or under what circumstances.

They are capable of resetting the activation count for a product code, but there’s no guarantee that they will do so.

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Thank you for your answer.