peer pressure Tokyo AI Sisters

Peer pressure Tokyo AI Sisters has been uploaded to YouTube.

Based on the advice I received at the DAW salon, I made it to 8 beats and also devised the bass line.
I did the mix all over again. :green_apple:

This time,
Three of the Tokyo AI Sisters are appeared as anime characters!
Natalie Oyama is a long-faced Onee-san. (main vocal this time)
The one with a round face and purple hair is My. Kosaka. (Preferred type of me :slight_smile: )
Sai Saki, is fair-skinned and seems to have a strong mind and sprits. Bora also appeared after 3 minutes
on this MV.

Thanks in advance

Marc Bora :mage:


Thanks to you, the number of views in the first 24 hours is a self-new record.:heart: :+1: