When I want to enter a note block (or whatever they are called … what ARE they called) I need to have the arrow icon and the step icon selected.

When I want to edit, I need the pencil icon and the line icon ( Or whatever it’s called) selected.

Must I really have to do 2 clicks each time? Pretty tedious.


It’s a bit hard to see thanks to SynthV’s “grey on grey on grey” color scheme, but there’s a little chain link icon between the two toggles which you can enable so that they both switch when either is pressed.

For example you can use Alt+1 and Alt+2 to switch between pointer and pencil tools, and the note edit/pitch edit mode option will toggle in sync with them as long as that chain icon is enabled.



Thanks Claire.
Since you’re here … I am just exploring GROUPS. I made a group of several ‘blocks’, but when I pulled them in to duplicate them the pitch lines were all different … all over the place …. similar to a question I posed before.

Hmm, two instances of the same group should be identical… Though again, if they’re set to different voice databases, the default pitch curves generated by Sing mode might differ even though the other elements are still linked. That could be fixed by setting the notes to “Manual” before changing the voice.

The other thing that might cause one instance to differ from the others is if it’s “inheriting” parameters from the parent track.

Groups have their own parameter curves which apply to all instances of that group in the same way, but they also inherit parameter curves from the parent track at the same point in the timeline that they are located, and that doesn’t propagate to instances of the group elsewhere in the timeline.

So if you have one instance of the group at measure 2, and again at measure 10, but the parent track has extra Pitch Deviations only at measure 10, the second group instance will have a different pitch curve.

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Thanks … I’ll check that all out when I have time …I’ve just got to let my little brain cool down and settle for a day or two. It’s amazing but mind boggling stuff,

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How on earth did you get to be such an expert
… did you write the app or something?