Entry Point not Found tried to update new version

Windows 10

I tried to update new version of Synth V as a VST plugin, now error:

Enrty Point not Found

The procedure entry point could not be loacated in the dunamic link library C:\Program Files\Synthesizer V Studio Pro\synthv-studio.exe.

What i need to do?

One other person has reported that issue recently as well, though I’m not sure the solution yet. You should consider reaching out to Dreamtonics at [email protected].

I had the same problem with version 1.9, reason was my AntiVirus program (F-Secure DeepGuard) which prevented some suspicious looking activity. I solved the issue by adding synthv-studio.exe to the list of programs that AntiVirus doesn’t check against harmful content.


That helped thanks a lot!

Same problem (Windows 11 Pro), same solution, add synthv-studio.exe to f-secure exception list and the error is gone.

Thanks to jassynth

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