[Eleanor Forte AI] - RIDE - Original JAZZ song

This started life back in January 2022 as another random test track where I was trying out some Kontakt and Labs instruments. When I revisted it a few months later and added Eleanor, I thought it had something, but nothing I myself could progress with. Around the time, I must have been searching for “Jazz” on youtube when I stumbled across a Jazz Club clip I’d watched years ago. It was the comment about “tune” that probably drove me to carry on.


Nice job on this. The music (and keeping Eleanor in lower registers) has a great Noire vibe. And the video matches very well with the song. Subscribed on YT.


Very hypnotic bassline and organs. Great instrumentation. And Eleanor sounds gorgeous!

Thank you, SynergyV.

Yes, those lower registers are a bit of a gold mine. I did have my doubts about Eleanor AI when I first tried her out after using Lite for a while. The video was fun to create and even helped feed back with modifications to the music, which I never expected.

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Thanks, Js111.

It was that very pair of instruments that started the whole thing off. Lol. They sounded nice on their own and didn’t really get in the way of the vocals.

They are both Kontakt libraries:

  • Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass guitar
  • Vintage organs
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Great job, hypnotic as said Js111! :ok_hand:

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Shamone, thanks for sharing - nice to know how the song idea started, & very helpful that you shared the libraries you used.

Thanks, dizzydreams.

No problem. I’ll add more details to the video description to avoid spamming here.

I also use Kontakt virtual instruments and as vocals with Kontakt and Opus (East-West), but I see that good music is brilliant when it’s simple and I’m not very good at that, I use more instruments than is healthy and I throw a lot of them away during the mix, but like this I will not make beautiful music.

Hi, gauzde.
With a more powerful computer, I’d probably be experimenting with a larger number of instruments. Although I can guarantee the results wouldn’t be any good.

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Great video and music! Stay creative!

Thanks, arcman.

This is really fun and creative use, I like it :smiley:

Thanks, DustAndBloom.