Pronounce flat vowels with Kevin

Hi all. I am using “Kevin” to sing some vocals that include the words “hearts” and “shadow” - althought I’ve broken shadow in to sha and doe.

Kevin pronounces both the sha and heart syllablles very like “shaw” and “hawrt”. In a kind of posh-sounding way. I actually want them to sound very flat, like an Irish or American flat aaa sound. How best might I try to tackle that?


The odd “shadow” pronunciation is likely because you’ve entered the word incorrectly. Notice how the phonemes above the notes are not the same.

As for fine-tuning the pronunciation, each voice database is based on recordings of a human voice provider, so their exact pronunciation is based on that voice provider’s accent.

If you want to try using different phonemes, you can manually change the phonemes above the notes instead of relying to the automatic word-to-phoneme conversion.

You can also try adjusting the phoneme strength slider at the bottom of the Note Properties panel if you have the Pro edition of the software.


I just played with it. The ae phoneme is exactly what I wanted. (I had no idea one could change them.)

Thank you.