Pets Win Prizes

Part of a podcast with a story and song for 5/6 year old children.
A parrot, tortoise, pig and puppy take part in a talent show.

The song, Pets Win Prizes, has a simple step melody with repetitive tune and lyrics so that tots might be able to join in singing. (There are simple harmonies for me to experiment!)
This is my FIRST ATTEMPT with SVP and Kevin.
Any (constructive) comments?
Could I ever get him to lose his American twang?


PS I have probably done this entry wrongly and in the wrong place, but had no response to my post for how to do it. I think I have SOMEHOW managed to get the link onto Google Drive but will it work ???


Hi Dave

I couldn’t open the song from the link, but it did let me download, so I got to hear it.

I know you wanted to get a less accented voice for Kevin, but I think it sounds reasonably neutral on your song.

Regarding linking songs, often people have YouTube or Soundcloud accounts where they upload their music. Then they post that link, from YouTube or Soundcloud, here on their forum posts.

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The link works perfectly now, opening a second tab for googledrive’s player.
As for the song, I think the accent is reasonable (I am English so have a fair grasp of some English accents).
I thought the duration of phonemes for “OK” were rather too short, could you stretch the “O” a bit? try something like “Ou Kay” or “oh kay” and use seperate notes for each forcing the ‘K’ to be slightly later?
Otherwise, a good first effort :clap:
Maybe a bit of reverb on the vocals and lift the volume relative to the backing track?

Thanks mechie … notes taken.

Thanks for replying