Pets Win Prizes.

Part of a podcast with a story and song for 5/6 year old children.
A parrot, tortoise, pig and puppy take part in a talent show.

The song, Pets Win Prizes, has a simple step melody with repetitive tune and lyrics so that tots might be able to join in singing. (There are simple harmonies for me to experiment!)
This is my FIRST ATTEMPT with SVP and Kevin.
Any (constructive) comments?
Could I ever get him to lose his American twang?


PS I have probably done this entry wrongly and in the wrong place, but had no response to my post for how to do it. I think I have SOMEHOW managed to get the link onto Google Drive but will it work ???

Well, that looks like a ‘no’ then, no link visible.

When posting do you see a row of icons above the text entry window, there is a chain icon for entering a web address if your file is saved elsewhere?
If you want to insert a file then there is the ‘box with an UP arrow’ icon for uploading, pictures, zip files etc.

Isn’t the link in the title box? It is at my end
, and I copied it and managed to hear the song.

Pets Win Prizes

Tried what you suggested … does this work?

… or I could try the upload arrow.

Oh, just tried that, but the file I want to send from my computer, mp3, is greyed out.

I was able to click the link you posted in the replies. Unfortunately the forums don’t embed Google Drive links in a very “pretty” manner.

Usually people share their songs on the forums either by uploading to Soundcloud, or if there’s a video component, then to YouTube.

You can see the #music-releases category for examples.