Default phoneme

Anyone know if u can change the start default phoneme from La to Oo?

Or is it possible to select a set of notes and change the La to Oo - better solution

You can change the default lyrics via the Settings panel.


sorry this doesnt work, I tried oo and uw also restart new project - still come up with Laa

Also is there a way of turning off the imposed vibrato and also the alteration in voice timbre as I change pitch of voice sample. This is AI out of control here

I want to set a plain choral solo voice with controllable articulation like an operatic singer. I tried manual mode but it doesnt work. It appears according to MPhantom that there are settings that AI ignores
If so can we have a list of these so I dont waste my time

I just tried it and had no issue with changing the default lyrics, no restart required.

edit: it just occurred to me that maybe you’re expecting this to change notes that already exist. “Defaut lyrics” only apply to newly created notes. If you want to change the lyrics for many existing notes at once, there’s no simple “find and replace” tool. You can either use the batch lyric entry (ctrl+L) to copy the lyrics to a text editor, swap them out with a find and replace tool, then copy them back, or you can try to find a user-made script for SynthV that does the job for you.

If a note is in Sing mode with the pitch generation set to Auto (ie not Manual), then the pitch will be re-generated each time the note’s context changes. This includes changes to phonemes, pitch, timing, etc. as well as those elements of the neighboring notes. (this is exactly what “Instant Mode” used to do, except that it’s now a note-level setting instead of project-wide)

Setting a note to Manual mode doesn’t immediately clear the pitch deviations, it just moves them to the Parameters panel. There are checkboxes in the Settings panel to control this behavior, or you can manually delete the curve from the Parameters panel.

If you want new notes to start in Manual mode so they never get an automatically generated pitch curve, then just change the dropdown in the Settings panel (below the highlighted one in my above screenshot).

I’m not sure what you mean by “settings that AI ignores”. If something is having no effect, there’s probably a reason for it. For example, many vibrato sliders will seem to do nothing in Manual mode if the vibrato depth is set to zero. Changing the oscillation frequency of a flat line will have no effect, but that’s not because the software is ignoring the setting.

If you’re confused about how any of the features work, you should be able to find most of the answers by checking the unofficial user manual:

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Got it Clare, its a work around

you are right, default syllable only works for new note entry
Sel range of notes/Ctrl L
copy all note text “La”
Goto Word/paste/find-replace with “oo”
Copy result and del values in SV window and paste “oo”/ok

bingo all sel notes are now “oo”

FYI Even a new proj importing a midi file defaults to “La”
IMHO "oo"is more helpful tonally when constructing a classical choir. WL lets have a choice of Oo / La as global default for unlyricised midi files