Bug: Using tablet to draw pitch causes scrolling, selecting, mouse issues

This is a bit niche, but whenever I switch between using a mouse and using a drawing tablet to edit pitch in Synth V Studio, a variety of issues occur. Sometimes it will start scrolling in the direction I click or tap, and sometimes it creates a selection box between where I last clicked my mouse and where I am touching my pen to. Switching to use the mouse on any menus also causes unwanted scrolling.
It doesn’t seem to be specific to my devices of choice, as this has happened with both a Wacom Intuos and a Huion Kamvas Pro 24. I have also upgraded to a new PC between when I first noticed the issue and now. However, if it helps, I originally noticed this on Windows 10 and I am currently running Windows 11.

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It’s not just you, I’ve had the same issues, with both an XP Pen tablet 15.6, and just using my laptop touchscreen with its standard pen. A sad issue because it means you’re forced to edit pitch with a touchpad/mouse instead!