Group Grief

I promise I have tried to devour the ‘manual’ coverage of Groups, but still can’t work stuff out.

I can make a group, insert a group into a new track, but cannot work how to then edit a single note/word. Everything seems to get selected.

I have tried to disband, split dissociate the group using right mouse button , but things get TERRIBLY muddled everywhere.

I just want to repeat a phrase in a different track and edit it to make a harmony.
This stuff is taking over my life!!

Sorry to be so thick.

Oops … got it with a little more exploration.


Thought I had checked that earlier, but obviously not well enough.



This part can be a bit awkward because it runs into SynthV’s “grey on grey on grey” issue.

You can “enter” a group by either double-clicking one of its notes, or by selecting the group marker at the lower part of the piano roll (below the first note of the group). You’ll know you’ve “entered” the group if the sections of the piano roll outside it to the left and right are darkened (this is the part that might be less visible on low-contrast displays).

At that point you’ll be able to select individual notes and adjust things as usual for the notes within the group.

You can then “exit” the group to return to the main track by clicking the indicator at the bottom again.

There’s also a “Go to Group” option if you right click unoccupied space in the piano roll, which can be helpful if you get “lost”. Personally I have a bad habit of scrolling away from a group without exiting it first, and this is an easy way to return to the main track regardless of what’s actually visible at the time.

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Thanks Claire. The top of my head just blew off. !!!