I am Asterian (original song, backing vocals by Solaria)

The vocals for Asterian have been composed in manual mode, using the random seed function.
In this song he is pondering about his true nature. Have fun :slight_smile:


Great song. The percussion and rhythm is really tops! And, as always, with a great accompanying video that keeps me mesmerized. I wouldn’t be able to make Asterian sound this good. (I wasn’t impressed with other Asterian’s demo songs.) :heart_eyes: :yum:

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Thank you very much for your great feedback!! Reassures me a lot! :slight_smile: :wink:

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You have my full admiration. You can handle Solaria, which I envy you, but Asterian in higher positions throughout the song and his singing is fun, and I mean not only me, but also throughout the song. I have a lot to learn, but I always welcome that. Very nice song.

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The two Vocal sources Asterian and Solaria are not sold in the country where I live. I like your soulful groove feeling on this tune :+1:

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Thank you very much! You have my admiration too, for your music which is of high quality and which is exciting because it combines tradition with AI singing.
I am glad that you were attentive to the details throughout the song. It was new and it was fun working with Asterian, an experiment in style, and the fun I had seems to show through :wink:
I have more to learn than you, believe me… and I welcome that too!


Are you able to reach this site? You get extra discount for getting 2 or more voices. I am anticipating the release of SAROS.


Thank you very much, I was doing my best to make it groovy and I’m glad you enjoyed the song! :slight_smile:

I see how lucky I am to have had the possibility to get the voices without problem, I wish they will be sold in your country soon!


Good morning to you.

Thank you for introducing site in USA. I see… that makes sense.

They also provide customer service for two voice sources.

Let me look into further probably I will be a user for two English based voice sources soon


Marc Bora