Now here is a challenge in articulation

I have created a simple sentence with the delightful Solaria’s help
I enclose the .svp and assume it loads ok? It is surely self explanatory (not a song) but a simple spoken short sentence. I havent messed with it so can you suggest efficient ways to modify the notes to produce a natural speech version
I have read the UUM but there are so many ways to go from here that its bewildering
Maybe expert users will know the way forward
IMHO a good worked example is worth more than 1000 additional words (and tedious work thereof) in UUM.
Hope this resonates
Maybe, as we have done the Phonemes section till ammunition ran out, so this caan be a separate section on articulation :grinning:

It should open my page, go to top left “Download” and load into SVP

BTW it seems remiss that this valuable Forum does not offer the facility to share .svp files for discussion here. Can someone bring this to the attention of the Chief Mod
I guess we can live with soundcloud to share audio results although it seems rather overkill if you just have a 0.1s wav clip to offer for discussion?