here is a challenge - articulation

I thought I posted this once but it has disappeared without any explanation

Mod If you are going to censure something at least explain why.

I couldnt find a way on this board to share a simple .svp so I posted a link to dropbox - is there something wrong with that? Malware/security concern?

IMHO its essential to be able to share svp files for discussion here. We all have to learn somehow

Awaiting Mod response

As you were

for reasons way beyond me, my original post has suddenly reappeared in the Lounge list


Perhaps we have an AI bot moderating here? So just like the notes on an SV piano roll change by themselves if you so much as breath on them? Im cracking up maybe but yesterday I had Cubase deactivate itself destructively for no reason and it took several hour to clean and reinstal afresh (this has happened to others also). Big sigh

On the bright side I think we have found a gold seam in SV and we are at the start of a revolution (well according to ChatGPT)

Hi – I can see the other post, so I don’t think it was deleted…this is the link…

Now here is a challenge in articulation - Lounge / 大厅 / ラウンジ - Synthesizer V Forum

Synthesia example pending, couldnt link direct from Synthesia file - they block it.
so here is a screen shot, from my phone, too much room echo but you can see my point, also go to their site and try making one yourself

Note this was a TTS model so I just typed in the text (some cockney slang at the end btw)

I will xscribe the vocal and place it in SV for comparison audio WTS

here isan SV sample of “hi im natalie”
hard work to try and get a natural articulation like Syn girl

but Im not fluent at SV, can post SVP if so can help