[Kevin - Natalie] John Legend - All of me (Acapella 5-parts Arrangement)

Hi guys! Today I wanna share my version of “All of me”, by John Legend! Enjoy!


Very nice and my admiration, because acapella singing is naked singing and you can’t leave places that I can’t solve better and hide it with accompaniment music. It sounds perfect and is very close to human performance. I sang in the choir, although only bass, but I still have the sound in my ears from long ago concerts and I close my eyes when watching your video and it’s there. And I’m not that good with Kevin, and I don’t have Natalia, but I want her. Only Asterian and I are closer because my woman friend, a very good singer, said about us that we growl like bears and I thought it was a cute comparison.


Thanks a lot, I sing in a vocal band too as a bass, so I perfectly understand your feelings!