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Anyone remember Max Headroom 1985-7 ? Chan 4 tv So far ahead of his time (fast forward to the future 20 mins)
He was not cgi as people thought but a live actor with make up and vid/audio after FX - very clever and of course the quips and jibes at establishment and media way over Corp execs heads heh heh. It was the era of cyberpunk anarchic subversion - fashionable back then - the zeitgeist snigger
So Ive been looking around for a modern replacement to perhaps create a singing head? The market is rife with vultures ready to strip and skin your wallet. Its also shrouded with mega hype yada yada clickbait PVs and such time sinks
Is it nearly there for us in the West? I daresay JP is well ahead of the game
Anyone know?
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Yes, I remember Max Headroom. Was it shown outside the UK? Not sure.

One thing to consider when it comes to doing something like that might be the terms of license. Some have restrictions about lipsyncing a voicebank to a ‘singer’ or avatar that isn’t the licensed character. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but might be worth considering.

this will give you the history - The Untold Truth Of Max Headroom
fascinating - it was so far in the future back in 1987, no pcs
there are lip sync lookalike avatars out there - Trump is popular but they dont quite fit needs yet . When does a Photoshop image cease to be copyright and become the users cartoon? Its out there but a bit clunky just now AFAIK, or $$$ subscription or dodgy githib dev stuff for nerds. I feel Im not looking in the right place
Others must have been down there (manga comics etc) though I want something that doesnt resemble a prepube school girl in skimpy uniform FFS - gives me the creeps TBH.

BTW fall all those couch potatoes who gave me grief over RP - if you watch Max series look out for Theora she has a typical modern RP accent of that time.
Amanda Pays. Max Headroom 20 minutes into the future 1985 - YouTube she comes in around 19:27 and features throughout. Whats not to like

Well FWIW my tree top survey of current trends shows me we are a way off getting a user friendly singing avatar just now (or even a talking head). Developments are being jealously guarded and wont be available to mere mortals contrary to what the alarmist media would have us believe. We wont be making singing Bidens for bathtub baritone wannabee’s any time soon (unless you are a young shaver nerd with a lifetime ahead to time-sink on this fork)
I discovered Mimic/Poser/Daz3D 20 years ago and was expecting it to have evolve into a more user friendly toy. Instead the concept has become more convoluted and inextricably into the Daz£D world - you dont want to go there - big time investment and learning - Oh and you need superman pc with the latest Nvidia big horse power graphics card with 16G Vram Holy Guano Batman $$$$

Coincidental Matt Frewer foresaw all this in 1985 and eschewed the cgi route in favour of an actor covered in latex . Smart move.

I wonder if I can persuade my Maid to dress up in Latex or PVC, sit in front of green screen and lip sync to Solaria belting out numbers like Gloria Gaynor (as posted under new songs)
She’s very loyal and been with me for longer than most marriages but she has a punch that could sink a battleship

Back to the music score, stay in the SV yard where its safe :wink:

Is this the way to go ? copy url and paste (link doesnt forward?)

I’ll take cover - incoming guano

Blockquote One thing to consider when it comes to doing something like that might be the terms of the license. Some have restrictions about lipsyncing a voicebank to a ‘singer’ or avatar that isn’t the licensed character.

Which VB’s have these restrictions? I haven’t read the license agreements in a while lol

Hi L_Oeufmf

I’m not very knowledgeable about licenses. I only use the Solaria voicebank at the moment, and there are some restrictions on presenting that as a different singer.

For example, if I had a song using the Solaria voicebank, I couldn’t have myself lip-syncing it in a video and credit myself as the vocalist. But I do not have to credit ‘Solaria’ as the vocalist, provided I don’t credit anyone else as singer.

There has been quite a lot of discussion about this. Here is one thread: Voice attribution for lipsync music video - Lounge / 大厅 / ラウンジ - Synthesizer V Forum

TL;DR - if you wanted to credit a singer other than the given voicebank name, or you wanted to have someone lip-sync the voice, better check your license[s] first.